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Beer Brewing Business

The brewing business is an amazing opportunity to represent nearly 15% of the brewing industry by 2020,  according to the Portland State University.  In fact, PSU has an amazing online business of craft brewing certificate course that includes the basics of business for craft brewing, business management, marketing, finance and accounting, and distribution.  We are not affiliated with this certification, we just think it’s an amazing program.  For more information on the brewing certificate, visit: https://www.pdx.edu/cepe/online-business-of-craft-brewing-certificate

Some points to consider for the brewing business.  You will want to be prepared for the various processes that go into preparing and selling craft beer.  From growing product to malting, brewing, and distribution, you’ll need the proper training to make your dream of the brewing business a reality.  Operations is also very important.  You want to understand distributors and how to manage products in the distribution systems, different laws and regulations, and contracts.  Additionally, you need to know how to finance a startup business and what it requires from a financial perspective and be prepared to create income statements, balance sheet forecasting, and inventory costing.

These are just a few of the things you’ll need to be prepared for.  There’s a lot that goes into the brewing business if you want to make a great product, create a profit and open a micro brewery.  At Deep Creek Brewing, we hope to provide some relevant business information for the bar, restaurant, and brewing scene.