The State of Divorce in the States

STATELAWA recent study showed the vast differences between divorce laws in the 50 states and you may be surprised at the findings. For instance if you wanted to get out of paying alimony to a cheating spouse, make sure you live in Georgia. Georgia has laws which state that adultery is a bar to alimony. If you happen to live in Texas the cost to file is approximately $240 but the minimum processing time is a whopping 240 days (That doesn’t count the cost of divorce lawyers Katy TX should you need the services of a divorce lawyer) compared to New Hampshire where the minimum processing time is zero days. (source:

Want to get a divorce in California with children involved? You’ll pay on average ten times more for child support in California than you would if you lived in places like Nevada or Georgia. The cheapest place to file is South Dakota where the fees are just $50 and the highest fees happen in Florida where the cost to file is over $400 to file the paperwork. As we said earlier, New Hampshire has basically a one day processing time where other states have processing times as high as 450 days in places like Vermont.

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How to Help Your Divorce Lawyer

divorce_picMany people take the attitude that their lawyer should do all the work when they hire a lawyer to represent them and most lawyers don’t have a problem with doing all the work so long as you’re paying them. However, there are some things you can do to lighten the load and make the job easier for your lawyer. Why would you want to do such a thing? There are a few reasons why you would want to make your lawyers’ job easier and they all benefit you directly.

First of all it can save you a lot of money and help you win your case which is probably the biggest reason to help your lawyer. So how do you go about helping your lawyer in order to save money or to make his job of winning your case any easier? It starts with excellent communication. Communicating as much relevant detail to your lawyer as possible will be a huge help for your lawyer in determining the best way to present your case and could make the difference between winning and losing.

Imagine you hire Divorce Lawyers Arlington TX is where you live and you have evidence that your spouse displayed malicious behavior towards you while you considered yourself happily married. A lot of divorce courts disregard circumstances of infidelity or other marital transgressions when it comes to showing favor in a divorce case. Well in Arlington, TX there is a law on the books that states malicious behavior towards a spouse creates a hostile environment and if custody of children is being decided in divorce court, this is a very relevant piece of information that can help your lawyer win the types of concessions you may be looking for in the divorce settlement. Without good communication it is much harder for your lawyer to do their best for you. You play an important role by arming your lawyer with as much information as possible. Let them decide which information is relevant and which information is not relevant to your case. Communicate as often as possible. Remember, your lawyer has other clients and other cases they are working on. Make their job easier by communicating well and your case will become easier for them which means a greater chance of winning for you.

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Law Abiding Citizens

As Law abiding citizens we have some underlying duties to uphold the law as we come in to situations where someone else is breaking the law and we are fully aware of the transgression.

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