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Hey, Let’s Get This Brewing Business Started

So you want to start a brewery or own a micro brewing business? Maybe you just want to learn more about brewing beer or to educate yourself on how the brew making business works. There’s so many considerations when looking at the possibilities in the business. A great place to start your research if you’re planing on getting a certification or education is over at the Brewers Association. They have a great list of resources for professional brewing schools and courses, and university affiliated brewing programs, including international opportunities. Here’s the link: https://www.brewersassociation.org/resources/schools-organizations/

An amazing business program we found is the Online Business of Craft Brewing Certificate at the Portland State University.

This certification is not cheap, but it has an amazing and thorough online course schedule. This includes everything from the basics of business for craft brewing, to strategic marketing. Here’s a snap shot of the courses:

The 4 Required Certificate Courses:

Both of These (In this order):
BB401 Basic Business for Craft Beverages
BB402 Craft Beverage Business Management

And 2 of These:
BB403 Strategic Craft Beverage Marketing
BB404 Finance and Accounting for the Craft Brewery
BB405 Craft Beverage Distribution

More valuable and hopefully helpful information about the brewing, bar, and restaurant business to come as we get going here. And as the great and infamous (more than famous) Most Interesting Man in the World says “stay thirsty my friend.”