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New Smart POS System – Jon Taffer Endorses Harbortouch POS Systems

It was announced on 4/11/2017 that Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue fame will be endorsing Harbortouch and is working on a new “Smart” POS system. I think this is amazing news for the restaurant, bar and brewing industry considering the expertise that Jon brings to the table.

Here’s the video of the Harbortouch SmartPOS released by Jon Taffer

To summarize the video,  Jon is planning on collaborating directly with the Harbortouch team to integrate his years of experience and his “intellectual assets,” directly to the point of sale system.  He plans on adding promotional systems, merchandising, marketing initiatives, new customer programs, loyalty programs, and spend building programs.  The idea behind the system is to help bars and restaurants to increase revenue to help build a profitable business.  This can be very hard to do, especially when you’ve never run a business before.  And Jon is adding his 30 plus years of experience in developing and growing bar and restaurants, and as point-of-sale users already, we will have the added benefit of his brilliance.  This is something I can get excited about as a bar owner.  If I’m going to pay for a point of sale computer system, I want it to work for me and help generate new business.  It truly is a now brainer with Harbortouch.  Harbortouch is also going to be featured on all new episodes of Bar Rescue on Spike TV.  Way to go Jon, we’re excited to see what you come up with!

If you’re interested in purchasing Harbortouch, you need to work with a dealer.  You can not buy direct.  A dealer I can highly recommend is Florida POS Systems.  They know the systems inside and out and have been serving up point-of-sale systems for bars, restaurants, and retail shops for years.  Jim Malnar is the owner and a swell guy.  Here’s more information about how you can contact Florida POS.

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